Zerosix Productions was founded at the end of 2011 as a production company and content developer for TV and the web. Since then, we have had the pleasure and opportunity to produce dozens of engaging works.

We strive to creating new content and new products, but we also enjoy making other people’s projects come to life.

Producing documentaries, TV shows and commercials, feature long films, web series and short films is what we do best and it is our passion.

From the moment we come up with an idea for a new project or we are proposed one, our goal is to get it done. Our skills are equally distributed throughout pre-production, production and post production.
Our strength is the wonderful team we have formed in these years.




  • Federico Ferrante
    Federico FerranteCEO Producer
    Creative Producer / Executive Producer

    Federico Ferrante graduated from Ryerson, the best Film school in Canada, followed by a post-graduate degree in Digital Video Editing at the IADT.
    After writing, directing and producing several short films in Toronto, he moved back to Rome to pursue his film career.
    First, he put his experience into producing music CDs and concerts, then big private and branded events.
    Eventually, at the end of 2011, he co-founded Zerosix Productions. Since then, he has produced all of its company’s works, over 20 in less than 3 years.
    Bilingual in English and Italian, he managed to put together a strong team followed but an extensive network of crucial partners in both Italy and North America.

  • Giulio Magnolia
    Giulio MagnoliaCEO
    Director / Creative Producer / Camera Department

    Giulio Magnolia graduated from USC in Los Angeles in 2001, Bachelor in Film and TV Production. After working in California for over a decade in the camera department, he moved back to Rome. In the following years he works on movies such as Munich, Ocean’s Twelve, Red Dragon, A Love Song for Bobby Long and After The Sunset. In 2011 he co-founds Zerosix Productions and starts working on many different projects, specializing in directing documentaries, tv series and promos, mostly for Discovery Channel.
    His experience in the camera department is a great asset for the Zerosix Productions team.

  • Inti Carboni
    Inti Carboni1st AD

    Has been working in cinema and advertisement for the international and Italian markets.
    He has worked on more than 30 feature films as Assistant Director, 50 commercials, and a large number of music videos, working with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, JJ Abrams, Ron Howard, Giuliano Montaldo, Carlo Verdone, etc.
    Among his remarkable credits: Mission: Impossible III, Gangs of New York , Eat Pray Love , Angels & Demons, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Nativity Story, The Island, Grande, grosso e… Verdone, Sotto una buona stella, Posti in piedi in Paradiso, La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano.



2018 Fox announces our original tv series to be produced starting in May. It will be produced by Zerosix Productions with Wildside and will be aired on Fox at the end of September.

2018 A 6 short commercial campaign for the European Commission

2017 A new commercial for American Express

2017 Six commercials for Vodafone Italy

2016 "Se Mi Ami Davvero", a music video for Mina and Celentano, directed by Carlo Verdone

2016 "Social Face 2", a tv series for Sky Tv Italy

2016 Local line producer, fixer and local service provider for a Full Episode of the tv Series "Social Fabric", RedBull TV

2016 Google UK, Vice Italy and Zerosix Productions team up for "The Grand Tour of Italy", a new series that explores the most iconic cities of Italy for a Google new platform. In August we shot Siena and it's the first of many others.

2016 "Pecora Nera", three commercials for All In Mobile

2016 On Location Production for a Full Episode of the tv Series "Destination Magic", RedBull TV

2015 On Location Production for a full Episode of the tv Series “STATE OF PLAY”, HBO Channel

2015 On Location Fixer for additional filming for
tv Series “HANNIBAL”, NBC Channel

2015 “GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT CHANNAL PROMO” TV promo campaign for Gazzetta dello Sport TV, Italy

2014 “MORTI E STRAMUORTI” TV promo campaign for Explora tv, Italy

2014 “JEKOO MILANO” web and tv commercial for Vision Group, Italy

2014 "IL SERPENTE, NULLA E’ COME SEMBRA” Short film in co-production with BriciolaTv, Italy

2014 ” THE QUITE CROOKS” music video for the Canadian band Biblical, directed by Wainstein Film, Canada

2014 ” CALCIO E NON SOLO” TV commercial for Betclic, Italy

2013 “LA FUGA” Short Film in co-production with Movie&Arts, Italy

2013 “PIZZA IN 5 MINUTI” TV commercial for Alfa Pizza, Italy

2013 “A MANO LIBERA” Talent Show for ILIKE TV, Italy

2013 “SU LA MASCHERA” Talent Show for ILIKE TV, Italy

2012 “JEKOO” web/Internal commercial for Vision Group, Italy

2012 “IN PECORA PECUNIA” Documentary for Rossellini Film, Italy

2011″ THE LEAF HOUSE” Corporate Video for Loccioni Group, Italy

2011 “ROAD TO LAS VEGAS” TV commercial for People’s Poker, Italy

Content Developer & Directorial

2014 " I RE DELLA GRIGLIA"  TV Promo and Campaign directed by Zerosix Productions for Discovery Channel, Italy

2014 " UNTI E BISUNTI SEASON II"  TV Promo and Campaign directed by Zerosix Productions for Discovery Channel, Italy

2013 " UNDERCOVER WORLD" TV Promo co-produced with Citizen Jones Productions, USA

2013 " UNTI E BISUNTI" TV Promo and Campaign directed by Zerosix Productions for Discovery Channel, Italy

2012 "KING OF THE WIND"  Sport Talent show developed for CSPN, China

2011 " FLOP TG, RASSEGNA STAMPA" Web series for FlopTv, Italy