ZeroSix Productions came together as a boutique production house that focuses on quality projects, content creation and personalized detailed services. With operations on the ground across Italy, ZeroSix arranges all documentation, personnel, accommodation, transportation and production support that your project entails. When filming in a foreign country, you will need a trusted team that you can rely upon.

Why us?
In the pre-production stage, we know that you don’t want to get bogged down with administration and logistics – particularly when you are not in the country. We are based in Rome – born and raised in this amazing city that we know by heart. However, our team has also been lucky enough to work and travel all over Italy, which we now know just as well as Rome. We can therefore put our knowledge and know-how at your service to turn your project into a brilliant and successful tangible product.

Our years of experience and broad network in Italy ensure that you are consistently getting the best rates and highest quality services. All our partners, ranging from transport and accommodation to other suppliers, understand our business and are flexible to our needs.

Personalized service
Our key staff has been in this business for over 10 years and have the skill and experience to handle all types of productions, including TV commercials, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, feature films and still photo shooting.

It’s never difficult when you have the right guidance. ZeroSix’s hands-on approach and flexible structure allows us to create the right team, tailor made to your needs and always with a sense of urgency.

It’s all about you
Likewise, we at ZeroSix are also here to guide you as to the benefits of shooting with union or non union talent and/or crew. We make sure that casting, location scouting, insurance requirements, payroll, celebrity sourcing and client services are customized to the specific needs of your project.

Time optimization
We provide location scouting so that upon arriving in Italy, your time is fully optimized. Similarly, we supply everything you need, ranging from cameras to the best sound engineers and from casting sessions to the best locations. We also provide top notch professionals in every department of the production and post-production phase.

And most importantly, we provide peace of mind… We put our passion, years of experience and professional team at your service.

  • Looking to arrange your film permit?

    A general filming permit is required for shooting anywhere across Italy. And although the Italian public authorities are film friendly, the policy can be confusing. We at ZeroSix arrange the deals with the local authorities and help facilitate the paperwork so that all work can run smoothly and in a timely manner from beginning to completion. Having compiled years of experience, cooperation and contacts with Italian and regional officials, we advise you on what the best route for your specific project would be.

  • Looking to rent filming equipment?

    Our team will assist you in transporting your own kit to Italy. And although many teams prefer to use their own equipment, we are proponents of traveling light and carrying as little as possible. With ZeroSix, hiring cameras, grip, lighting kits, Jib, steadycam, drone rental and anything else you could need is accessible and affordable.

  • Looking for an English speaking crew?

    Sourcing local cameramen, gaffers, runners, production assistants and any other Italian film crew has never been easier. We will create the perfect cohesive team for your shooting in Italy.

  • Looking for location scouting?

    Allow us to do the scouting trip for you across all cities in Italy. During these trips, we will send you real-time photos, videos and detailed scouting reports, which will help you visit these locations without so much as leaving the comfort of your office.

  • Looking for researchers?

    Depending on the subject of your film, we can find and hire local experts to help you during the pre-production of your project.

  • Looking for local casting?

    Our offices keep a regularly updated database of Italy based actors and extras. We also see to it that casting sessions are arranged before you arrive in order to save you time for your production.

  • Looking to do aerial filming?

    From passenger helicopters with gyro systems to the latest Octocopters of DJI and Cinestar, aerial filming in Italy is a service that we offer along with experienced local operators.

  • Looking for vehicles and drivers?

    Crew vans, camera and lighting trucks, in addition to comfortable executive cars and VIP vans are provided by us on a daily basis - along with their drivers - at open hours and limitless mileage.

  • Looking for accommodation options?

    At ZeroSix we understand the difficulties that come with navigating and comfortably working in a new cityscape. Simply give us your budget, tell us where and when and leave the rest to us.

  • Looking for production support?

    Yes we can! We offer logistical and production support, as well as coordination during the shoot. Whether you are filming in Rome or in the rest of Italy, we will be by your side.

  • Looking at a low budget?

    We will still do our best to help you out and get your work done at the highest possible standards, help you with budgeting and scheduling.